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You’re Not Alone: 6 Baby Loss Resources To Use If You Need Help

Dealing with the loss of a baby can be a lonely isolating time filled with guilt. Research also shows that these feelings can last for years after the loss, even when another child has been born.

What can be very difficult is the feeling that you’re alone, or that there’s no-one who can relate to your experience. Therapy is a powerful tool at your disposal when dealing with loss, and a support group can help too. Speaking to other people who’ve been where you are can help you move through an otherwise lonely time. Finding baby loss resources and help, however, can be difficult, especially when you’re grieving. We’ve looked around for a few active communities and baby loss resources to turn to while you’re grieving.

Baby Loss Resources to Turn to While You’re Grieving.

The Zoie App 

Along with access to medical practitioners and therapists, the app also has dedicated Circles: a community of people who are in your boat. Along with Circles for PCOS and contraceptives, there’s a Circle for baby loss, where other people share their experiences and can offer helpful tools.

The Patch SA Support Group on Facebook

Patch offers palliative care for children, but there is also a space for grieving parents to share with others.

Born Sleeping

Born Sleeping is a South African-based support group for grieving parents who have lost a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death. They’re on Facebook, but you can also email them at

Compassionate Friends

Compassionate Friends offers friendship and understanding to bereaved parents via counselling, meetings and in a Facebook group. The website also has events, resources, reading material, and a YouTube channel, along with links to hearing other parents’ stories.

Healing Heart

This website offers mostly resources and helpful links and serves more as a self-help portal than a circle of support. There are links to other parents’ stories of loss as well as resources for those grieving who are siblings or grandparents.

Mama Nurture 

Mama Nurture’s resources page includes a long list of practitioners, from trauma specialists, support groups, kinesiologists and remembrance keepsakes, to honour your lost child.

You can use any of these baby loss resources while dealing with losing your baby.

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