list of all the zoie circles

Here’s A List Of All The Zoie Circles In The App

The Zoie app: used by many to book a virtual consult with a healthcare professional for anything from a quick nurse call to secure your contraception (and get it delivered!) to a consultation with a therapist. But don’t sleep on the completely free and immensely useful feature also embedded in the app, Zoie Circles.

So, what are Zoie Circles?

Zoie Circles are a safe space for you to check in with questions and ideas about your body – and baby – that you’d love answers for, but can’t find. Because as much as you’d love it to, Google doesn’t always give you the answer about what’s happening in your body, right now. But you know who could? Another woman, because she’s been there.

What’s In Each Circle?

Each Circle is equipped with people in the same life season as the other. Pregnant people, people battling PCOS or endometriosis, people who are new parents. In each group we also have a special feature: healthcare professionals, tasked with delivering factual, science-based information to tackle concerns.

Because you may not be sure if there’s a Circle for you, we’ve put together a descriptive list of all the Zoie Circles in the app.

Contraceptives 101

Confused by all your options? Ask someone in this group!

New Moms (0-6 months)

A space to share your breastfeeding tips, inoculation questions and anything else.

New Moms (6-18 months)

Post your questions – and even memes – about food, childcare, and other developmental tips.

Toddler Mommies (18-36 months)

If you’re mothering a toddler, get advice, tips and tricks from the community in this Circle.


Post a question or scroll through to see the conversations around pregnancy, from working out, embracing your changing body, and any weird happenings you’re not sure of.

Trying to Conceive

Share your conception tips and questions in the group. Get access to fertility experts, too.


Scroll to see what everyone’s using to treat their conditions, and get helpful tips on how to manage yours.

Baby Loss Support

Join the discussion and be heard by other women who’ve been in the same boat as you and have also lost a baby.

Sexual Wellness

Low sex drive? Need masturbation tips? Or just confused about your S.O.’s latest texts? Let’s unpack together.

Mental Wellness Tips

This is a great space to share your tips on anything mental health, with feedback from a therapist, and tips from Zoie.

Birth Club: Babies due June-Aug 2022

A space for you to chat with women who are giving birth along with you!

Birth Club: Babies due Sep-Nov 2022

A space for you to chat with women who are giving birth along with you!

Birth Club: Babies due Dec 2022-Feb 2023

A space for you to chat with women who are giving birth along with you!

Fertility Challenges

Share your IVF journey, get input from the community and get answers.

Periods 101

Chat about mystery pelvic cramps, blood consistency and colour and check in with a doc.

Single Moms Support

It takes a village, and one is right here to support you.

Ask an OBGYN

Ever wanted to ask your gynae something but were too afraid? Here’s your chance.

Ask a GP

Check in with a doc about something before you hit the waiting room.

Ask a Pharmacist

Get quick tips about medication, from contraception, prenatal supps to vitamins and more.

Ask a Counsellor

Feeling overwhelmed? There’s a professional who can help.

Ask a Lactation Nurse

Get info about your breast milk, weaning, tools and more.

Ask Zoie

Not sure about something in the app? Ask us here!  

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