Period tracking apps are an easy and effective way to monitor your reproductive and menstrual health.

Period tracking apps: What are the benefits & how to use one

When they say there’s an app for everything, they mean it! Period tracking apps are quickly becoming one of the most helpful tools when it comes to managing your cycle.

Find out what period tracking apps are, the benefits and how you can start using one today.

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What does it do?

As you can probably guess, period tracking apps help you to keep track of your period but that’s not all they can be used for. They can help you to monitor every part of your cycle so you can better understand your unique body and reproductive system better.

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What are the benefits?

Since each woman’s cycle is unique, tracking your individual cycle will help you to better understand what’s happening in your body. Using a period tracking app simply makes the process easier.

With a period tracking app, you can:

  • Monitor your period length and consistency 
  • Track your ovulation 
  • Get helpful reminders during different phases of your cycle
  • Monitor symptoms
  • Be alerted to changes in your cycle

A period tracking app is a helpful tool for monitoring your cycle but doesn’t replace a real healthcare professional so contact your doctor if you have any health concerns with regards to your cycle. 

How to use it

Like most apps, period tracking apps should guide you on how to use them effectively. When starting off, you should input all the requested information about your last period and continue to do this every month.

After using this for a few months, the app will be able to tell you useful information about your cycle like how long your period and overall cycle are, when your fertility window is and when you could expect to have certain symptoms.  

When used correctly, period tracking apps can be one of the most important tools when it comes to understanding your body and fertility.

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Sources: Mayo Clinic, Planned Parenthood, Office on Women’s Health, National Health Service (NHS)

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