Known as morning sickness, nausea is a common pregnancy symptom.

Common pregnancy symptoms & how to deal with them

During pregnancy, your body goes through many changes and while each pregnancy is unique, there are some common pregnancy symptoms that many mothers-to-be experience.

We’ve created a list of some of the most common pregnancy symptoms along with how you can manage them while being safe for you and your baby.

The more informed you are, the better you can understand and manage the common pregnancy symptoms.

Nausea & morning sickness

This is probably the most well-known symptom associated with being pregnant. Feeling nauseous or throwing up is likely linked to the hormonal changes happening in your body.

A few ways to deal with this common pregnancy symptom are:

  • Eating ginger
  • Having smaller meals or eating less often
  • Taking vitamin B6
  • Using acupuncture wristbands

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Tiredness & fatigue

Growing an entire human being can be draining on your body, leading to you feeling exhausted. Be sure to prioritize rest by taking short naps can help with sleepiness during the day and aiming to get 8+ hours of sleep at night.

Making sure you stay hydrated, eating nutritious foods and getting more frequent, low intensity exercise can help to minimize the feeling of fatigue.

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Emotional changes & mood swings

Many expecting mothers say that intense changes to their mood are a common pregnancy symptom. With the large increase in hormones in the body, many pregnant women experience mood swings that are uncharacteristic for them.

To help regulate your hormones, try incorporating activities that will help reduce stress like meditation or low-intensity exercise. Talking to your friends and family can also help you to feel emotionally supported.

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If you are pregnant and have any concerns about these common pregnancy symptoms or anything else that you are experiencing, speaking to a healthcare professional will be the best way to get the right kind of care and treatment for your unique pregnancy.

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