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Tools To Help Manage Your Mental Health During Periods Of Social Unrest

The last few years have seen a ton of protests, large-scale unrest and major uncertainty in all spheres, with Covid-19 throwing our lives and mental health into disarray.

During this period, like many people, you have probably been overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety, anger, despair, confusion, stress and trauma. Some of us may have been closer to the turmoil than most and it is only normal for some of these feelings to be overwhelming you. Here are a few tools to help you manage our mental health during social unrest.

Log Off 

During times like this many people become consumed with doom scrolling on social media. You need to actively ensure that you are reducing your screen time and doing other activities that help you take your mind off what is happening. You’d be surprised what an hour of watching your favourite show can do for your mental health. 


Taking 45 minutes to get some exercise will not only distract you from what’s happening around you but it is guaranteed to get the blood flowing to the brain and generally improve your mood. 


Meditation can be an effective tool to help you get anxiety under control. With meditation, you can control your breathing which can slow down your heart rate. Take deep, slow breaths while concentrating on the moment and your surroundings and you should see improvement in your mood by the end of the exercise. If you aren’t sure of what to do, try guided meditation using an app or YouTube videos. 

Reach Out And Connect To Your Loved Ones 

Feelings of overwhelming tend to be very isolating and as a result may make you feel like your problems are much bigger than they actually are. Taking time out to spend time with your loved ones whether in person or virtually to catch up on everyday life will reassure you that you’re still part of a community and that you have people that care about you. 

Try Some Journalling

Sometimes we may not be sure what it is that we are feeling or what is triggering it. Journaling is a great reflection tool that can help you map out what the source of overwhelm may be. This is great for dealing with the root cause of how you’re feeling so that your mental health can improve. 

Get Some Rest

You may be tempted to spend your evenings catching up on the news on TV or social media but it is important to actively switch off. Chances are the world won’t end while you’re asleep. Ensure you’re sleeping early enough to get at least 8 hours of sleep. This will help improve your mood the following day. 

See Someone

Sometimes, you need specialist tools to help you cope, especially in unprecedented times. A therapist can help sort through your feelings, offer a perspective that you wouldn’t have considered, and arm you with real tools to help. Book a session here.

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