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4 Science-Backed Ways To Love On Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Single on Valentine’s? While this used to be an emotional black hole, we’re increasingly moving towards a culture of self-love and away from single-shaming. That means the lovey-dovey day is becoming sweeter for everyone, singles included. Hear what science says about treating yourself on V-day in this article highlighting 4 science-backed ways to love. 

Science-Backed Ways To Love 1- Take Yourself Out 

Dare to book a romantic candlelit dinner for one, and stay for dessert. Go the whole hog and dress up – with heels. Plus, there are health perks: a study shows that people eating alone eat 18% less than those eating in groups. Plus, dining solo helps enhance the flavour of food. 

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Take youself out.

Get Yourself There 

Don your sexiest lingerie, (or treat yourself to something new) whip out the toys and cue the Spotify playlist you’ve named Bedroom Boom. Studies show that flicking the bean boosts concentration, and raises the happy hormone dopamine and love hormone oxytocin. What could be a better way to show some self-love? 

Pamper Yourself 

Science-backed ways to love 3- Pamper yourself
Pamper yourself

If you really want to treat yourself, book yourself into a fancy spa complete with a pool and sauna. Pack a book you’ve been wanting to read, and allow yourself to be kneaded and slathered into sweet oblivion. Trust me, this is a science-backed way to love yourself. If it feels particularly amazing, make a mental note to do it more regularly. One study of Japanese people showed that those who frequented spas logged fewer sick days and slept better.  

Make It A Galentine’s Day 

Make a day of showing love to you and your BFFs. Plan a trip away, throw a slumber party, or rent out a villa with a pool and lounge, party and sun yourselves silly. Then tell your besties what you love about them: according to neuroscience, your brain registers compliments the same way it does financial gains. That’s rich.

P:S- Aren’t you glad you got our science-backed ways to love tips?!

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