Here’s What To Know About Fertility Planning In Your 20s And 30s

Fertility planning has changed over time. Gone are the days women would have children in their early twenties.

Recently, women in their 20s and 30s have become increasingly anxious about their ability to conceive. Different factors come into play when considering having a child such as career projection, availability of a partner, marriage, finances and health concerns.

How best can you prepare now to give yourself the best chance of success should you want to start a family later in life? We share 3 tips below.

3 Successful Fertility Planning Tips For Women

Watch Your Lifestyle

According to Dr Tebogo Deo in a recent Zoie Health fertility webinar, she facilitated, lifestyle factors such as your BMI, diet and smoking have an impact on fertility health. So it’s critical to be conscious of the longer-term effects of a poor lifestyle, even at a younger age. Advice from the NHS of England elaborates further by saying that, “smoking may reduce fertility in women by reducing egg quality.”

Get A Clinical Checkup

Fertility planning tips
Check-in at your local clinic

A quick check-up with your local clinician can help you understand your general medical history such as exposure to STDs or other health issues, as well as any risks that may hamper your chances of conceiving when you’re ready. As Dr Deo suggests, a check-in with your gynaecologist (with your partner by your side ideally) can help you make an initial assessment of your reproductive health and get advice on a way forward.

Consider Freezing Your Eggs

According to reproductive scientists, fertility gradually begins to decline at approximately age 32. After age 35, that decline begins to speed up. By the time most women reach 37, it’s estimated that they’ll only have around 25,000 eggs remaining which significantly reduces their chances of conception.

So if you’re not quite ready for children before 35, good fertility planning means you can consider starting your egg-freezing journey at your local fertility clinic. The costs can be quite high, so best to start saving for that soon!

At Zoie, you can access virtual or in-office consults with doctors who can advise on your fertility options. Book a session here.

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