The Science Behind Our Supplements: Quality, Expertise, and Natural Ingredients

By Ammarah Seedat

At Zoie Health, we are committed to providing women with the highest quality supplements that are not only effective but also rooted in scientific research and natural ingredients. In this blog post, we’ll take you behind the scenes to understand the rigorous process we follow to create our supplements and introduce you to the experts who ensure our products meet the highest standards.

The Process of Creating Our Supplements

  1. Identifying Existing Women’s Health Supplements Our journey begins with identifying the gaps in the market. We study existing women’s health supplements to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This step is crucial in ensuring that our products offer unique benefits and superior quality.
  2. Intense Clinical Research Process Our team of experts conducts thorough clinical research to identify the most effective ingredients for women’s health. This involves studying numerous clinical studies and scientific literature to ensure our formulations are based on solid evidence.
  3. Supplement Composition Formulation Based on our research, we develop the initial formulations of our supplements. This stage involves precise calculations to determine the optimal quantities of each ingredient to maximise efficacy.
  4. Third-Party Expert Review To ensure our formulations are safe and effective, we send them to third-party experts (Doctors, Dietitians, Pharmacists and OBGYNs) for review. These experts provide valuable feedback, allowing us to make any necessary adjustments.
  5. Finalised Formulation Changes After incorporating feedback from third-party reviews, we finalise our formulations. This step ensures that our products are of the highest quality and ready for production.
  6. Collaboration and Sourcing of Ingredients with the Lab We collaborate closely with our laboratory partners to source the highest quality natural ingredients. All our ingredients are tested for efficacy and purity, ensuring that our supplements are free from sugar and unnecessary additives.

Quality and Natural Ingredients in Our Supplements

Our supplements are made from high-quality, natural ingredients that are sourced responsibly. We pride ourselves on using ingredients that have been tested for efficacy and proven to provide specific health benefits. Importantly, all our supplements are sugar-free, making them suitable for a wide range of dietary needs.

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Meet the Experts Behind Our Supplements

Our supplements are the result of collaboration among some of the brightest minds in the field of women’s health and nutrition. Here’s a look at the key experts who have played a vital role in developing our products:

Jani van der Hoven –  Head Pharmacist (B. Pharm, M.Phil Clinical pharmacology)

Jani spearheaded the identification of essential supplements and conducted extensive research and clinical studies. She worked closely with the team to create our formulations, ensuring they are both safe and effective. Here’s what Jani has to say: “Amazing supplements from Zoie Health cater specifically to women’s unique health needs. All of these supplements were carefully formulated.”


Naznin BhomPharmacist (MPharm Candidate)

Naznin was instrumental in studying research and clinical studies, working hand-in-hand with the team to perfect our formulations. Naznin says: “When we first envisioned this supplement, we didn’t just think about creating a product. We thought about all the moments in life when women need that extra boost of energy, clarity, and vitality. Like the busy mom juggling work and family, or the professional balancing career and personal goals, and those facing unique health challenges. Our journey began with these incredible women in mind. Just like them, our supplement is here to support, energize, and elevate every aspect of daily life. Here’s to turning potential into power, one supplement at a time.”


Deidre Huysamen – Registered Dietitian

Deidre reviewed and approved all formulations from a nutritional perspective. She also managed operational collaborations with labs and external parties, ensuring our products meet the highest standards. Deidre says:  “As someone that struggles with a few hormonal conditions myself, it is such a privilege to be involved in the supplement creation process. Through extensive research and collaboration with other experts, we have created supplements that not only address the needs of many women, but are affordable and therefore more accessible to the everyday individual.”


Dr. Londiwe Kunene – Registered GP and OBGMO

Dr. Londiwe reviewed and approved all formulations from a women’s health expert perspective, bringing her extensive experience and knowledge to the table. Dr Lon says: “These supplements are beacons of support for women.”



Creating high-quality supplements is a meticulous process that requires extensive research, collaboration, and a commitment to using only the best natural ingredients. At Zoie Health, we are proud of the science and expertise behind our supplements, and we are dedicated to supporting women’s health with supplements that are both safe and effective. Stay tuned for more insights and updates from our team of experts!

Zoie Health Supplements are available on the Zoie Health Shop, Takealot, Amazon and other retailers.

About Zoie Health

Zoie Health is at the forefront of women’s wellness, offering quality, affordable, and accessible supplements tailored to the unique health needs of women. With a focus on synergy, Zoie Health’s products are designed to work together, providing your body with the comprehensive support it needs to thrive. With our online Zoie Shop and Pharmacy, our unique virtual consultations, and vast communities of women, we strive to provide good quality healthcare to underserved populations.

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