Sleep 101: The A,B,C’s of Baby Sleep

Motherhood, often regarded as one of the most transformative experiences, is a beautiful mosaic of joy, discovery, and challenges. Among the myriad of new experiences, sleep – or the lack of it – for both the baby and the mother, takes center stage.


Zoie Health recently  hosted a Sleep 101 Live Conversation on in the Zoie Mommies WhatsApp circle  to help new moms gain some insights on their baby’s sleeping patterns. We were joined by lactation specialist and midwife, Sister Katinka Lategan and baby sleep therapist, Janine Rudwick. Zoie Members joined and could ask these experts any questions they had about baby sleeping patterns. Dive into this comprehensive guide, enriched with insights from seasoned experts, to help you demystify the enigma of baby sleep.

The Beauty of Sleep

Sleep, the most rejuvenating of human experiences, holds paramount importance, especially for new mothers and their newborns. Apart from aiding in physical recovery after childbirth, sleep bolsters mental health, hormonal balance, and paves the way for a refreshed perspective on life’s new challenges and delights.

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Sleep Regression: Beyond the Midnight Wailings

Every parent has that moment when they believe they’ve cracked the code to their baby’s sleep, only to be met with sudden and unexplained midnight awakenings. Often termed as ‘sleep regression,’ this phase typically emerges around the three-month mark.

The reasons can be multifaceted:

  • Age Milestones: At three months, babies are at a developmental crescendo. Neural connections, physical growth, and sensory explorations peak, leading to sporadic sleep patterns.
  • Sleep Cycles: A monumental shift occurs in how babies sleep. Janine Rudwick highlights that as babies oscillate between sleep cycles, their newfound awareness of the world can cause frequent arousals.
  • External Factors: Anything from a room’s temperature fluctuation to a hunger pang or a simple need for a reassuring cuddle can be the culprit behind those night-time cries. 

The Embrace and Push of Separation Anxiety

As babies grow, their world starts expanding beyond the cocoon of their mother’s embrace. Separation anxiety, especially noticeable in toddlers, reflects their budding independence and the internal conflict of wanting both proximity and exploration.


The Great Debate: To Sleep Train or Not?

Like many aspects of parenting, sleep training is a terrain filled with diverse opinions and methodologies. The heart of the matter is to choose what resonates most with your familial ethos.

If you tread the path of sleep training, arm yourself with these pearls of wisdom:

  • Customization is Key: Every child is a unique universe. Tailor your approach based on their temperament and needs.
  • Stay Empowered: Delve deep into research. Equip yourself with knowledge, ensuring your chosen method feels right at heart.
  • Consistency: Much like any learning curve, sleep training thrives on consistency. Whether it’s a particular bedtime song or a sleep-inducing routine, persistence is your ally.
  • Diverse Comfort Tools: While feeding is a primary comfort, introducing varied soothing techniques like gentle tapping, rhythmic shushing, or even ambient white noise can be beneficial.
  • Tech-Free Wind Down: In this digital age, it’s imperative to shield your little ones from screen glare, ensuring a tranquil pre-sleep environment.

Motherhood and the Art of Self-care

Motherhood is as much about nurturing oneself as it is about caring for the baby.

  • Champion Self-care: Carve out moments for yourself. Whether it’s a short walk, meditation, or just sipping a hot cup of tea, rejuvenate in ways that resonate with you.
  • Lean on Your Tribe: Embrace the age-old adage – it takes a village. Lean on your partner, family, and community. Sharing responsibilities and feelings can be immensely therapeutic.
  • Your Unique Story: The motherhood narratives are many, but yours is unique. Avoid the pitfalls of comparison and cherish your personal journey with all its ups and downs.


The tapestry of baby sleep is intricate, often interspersed with moments of doubt and discovery. Remember, as you traverse this path, you’re part of a global community of parents, all striving, learning, and growing together. To get more personalized tips or if you just want an expert’s advice, book a consultation with one of our sleep experts or healthcare professionals. Equipped with knowledge and an understanding heart, you’re more than prepared to foster a nurturing sleep sanctuary for your little one.

Sources: Sr Katinka Lategan, Janine Rudwick, Pediatric Sleep Council

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