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What your employees are experiencing

Less than 20% of South Africans have access to private healthcare

This could decrease even further as the cost of living rises and medical inflation continues rising above normal inflation.

People are carrying the care load at home and still needing to show up exceptionally at work

There are no options to be able to care for
yourself and your family in an affordable way.

Healthcare services are either expensive in the private sector or overburdened in the public sector

People who access care in the public sector report missing a full day of work and spending on travel fare for inefficient care.

How this is impacting you as an employer

Absenteeism is losing your business money

Using the South African average day rate of R405, it is estimated that employers are losing anaverage of R596,566 per 100 employees per annum

Poor productivity & distractionis costing your business money

27% of employees go to work but don’t alwayswork effectively because they are distracted at some point

Replacement recruitment is costing you time & money

82% of employees say they would leave theircurrent employer if an alternative employer hadbetter benefits

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Benefits for you as an employer

Lower absenteeism

Employees typically take up to 40% less time off to care for themselves and their families, so introducing this benefit will reduce time off.

Increased employee productivity

According to a study by Alexander Forbes, companies offering healthcare benefits experienced increased productivity by up to 18% among employees who utilised the provided healthcare services effectively.

Increased employee satisfaction & retention

According to a study by Alexander Forbes, employees who receive healthcare benefits are 32% more likely to stay with their current employer compared to those without such benefits. This highlights the role of healthcare benefits in enhancing employee retention rates.

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