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Essential Newborn Tips: Navigating the First Few Weeks with Your Newborn

Bringing your newborn home is an exhilarating and overwhelming experience. After months of anticipation, the reality of caring for a tiny, fragile human can be both joyous and daunting. Don’t worry if you’re feeling nervous or unsure – it’s perfectly natural. Here are some top tips and guidance from parents and professionals to help you navigate the early days with your newborn.

Top Tips from Parents

1. Ask for Help

Don’t hesitate to ask for help from friends, family, or professionals. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, or just keeping you company, support can make a big difference. If you don’t have family nearby, talk to your midwife or health visitor about other support options like the Zoie Health communities.

2. Cuddle Lots

Use these first few days to hold and be close to your new baby. Skin-to-skin contact is beneficial for bonding, settling, brain development, and regulating their breathing and temperature. It also helps you understand their feeding cues, whether you’re breastfeeding or using formula.

newborn tips

3. Get to Know Your Baby

Every baby is unique, and spending time with them helps you learn their individual needs and preferences. Experiment to see what soothes your baby – perhaps they enjoy walks outside, songs, or gentle rocking. If you have any concerns, your midwife or the Zoie Community is there to help.

4. Bonding for Both Parents

Mothers often form an immediate bond, but partners can also build a strong connection. Encourage your partner to help with burping, cuddling, and nappy changes. Skin-to-skin contact is especially effective for bonding.

5. Take Time Out

Caring for a newborn can be exhausting and sometimes frustrating. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a short break. Put your baby down in a safe place or ask someone else to hold them while you clear your mind. It’s okay to need a moment to yourself.

6. Change of Scene

If your baby is unsettled, a change of environment can be soothing. Take them for a walk or a drive to help distract and calm them.

7. Understanding Crying

All babies cry – it’s their way of communicating. If your baby is crying, run through a mental checklist: are they hungry, tired, need a nappy change, too hot or cold, or over-stimulated? Addressing these needs can help soothe them.

8. Trust Your Instincts

As you spend more time with your baby, you’ll learn to pick up on their cues and respond more quickly to their needs. Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to try different things to see what works best for your baby.

9. Gentle Soothing Techniques

If your baby is unsettled, try gentle massages or a warm bath to relax them. Keeping them clean and dry with regular nappy changes can also help.

10. Regular Nappy Changes

Keeping your baby’s nappy clean and dry helps them feel comfortable and settled. Check that the tabs are secure but not too tight, and ensure you can fit two fingers between the nappy and their tummy.

11. Minimise Infection Risk

Newborns have immature immune systems, so it’s important to minimise infection risk. Ensure everyone who handles your baby has clean hands, and avoid letting others kiss your baby unless they’re the main caregiver.

The Importance of a Supportive Community

A supportive community can make a world of difference during the first few weeks with your newborn. Connecting with other parents, whether through local groups, online forums, or social media, can provide invaluable advice, encouragement, and empathy. Sharing experiences with others who are going through the same challenges helps you feel less isolated and more confident in your parenting journey. Additionally, having a network of supportive friends and family can provide practical help and emotional support, making the transition to parenthood smoother and more enjoyable. The Zoie Community consists of supportive groups of new and experienced moms. Each group is facilitated by a healthcare professional that is able to give accurate advice and assist with advice and support.

Professional Advice on Newborn Tips

Relax and Enjoy the Time Together

Caroline Holden, a Family Nurse, suggests that parents focus on bonding with their newborns rather than stressing over baby gear. Babies thrive on the love and attention from their parents, and the more you get to know your baby, the stronger your bond will become.

newborn tips

Positioning for Success

Lesley Weir, a Family Nurse, emphasises the importance of positioning your baby for success. Respond quickly to signs of discomfort to prevent them from escalating into full-blown crying. Picking up on cues early helps soothe your baby more effectively.

Skin-to-Skin Contact

Gemma Nealon, a Midwife, advocates for as much skin-to-skin contact as possible. This close contact helps calm babies and reduces prolonged crying. It also fosters a secure attachment and supports breastfeeding.

You can also book virtual consultations with Doctors, Doulas and midwifes through Zoie Health, allowing you to get professional advice all from the comfort of your own home.

Additional Tips for Parents of Multiples

If you have twins, triplets, or more, bonding may seem more challenging, but it’s equally important. Take turns with your partner to spend one-on-one time with each baby. Involve trusted friends or family members to help you manage and bond with each child individually.


The first few weeks with a newborn are a unique and precious time. While it can be challenging, remember that you’re not alone. Reach out for support, trust your instincts, and cherish these early moments as you bond with your baby. With patience and love, you’ll find your rhythm and enjoy this new chapter in your life.

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