menstrual cup pros and cons

Demystifying The Menstrual Cup: Breaking Down The Pros And Cons

What are menstrual cups?

Menstrual cups are made of silicone or rubber and are folded into the vagina where the cup will pop open to form a seal against the inner walls, trapping menstrual fluid. 

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What are the pros?

1. Menstrual cups are reusable for up to 10 years – that means not only would you save money on menstrual products but you’d also be contributing positively to climate preservation.

2. No more chemicals down there! That’s right, for the sensitive ladies, this will come as a relief. Tampons and pads are often associated with chemicals that are linked to hormone issues. In contrast, menstrual cups are made of 100% medical-grade silicone. 

3. Tampons and pads are often deodorized in order to prevent the menstrual order from getting out of hand. This isn’t entirely safe for women due to chemical exposure. This is where the menstrual cup wins because you won’t have to worry about the odour caused by bacterial infections and chemicals caused by more popular menstrual products. 

4. You can leave your menstrual cup inside for up to 10-12 hours, which is much longer than tampons or pads.

What are the cons?

1. If you have any cervical disease you are advised to not insert any foreign objects in your body, especially one that may aggravate your infection through the accumulation of blood. 

2. For those suffering from endometriosis, you cannot use a menstrual cup because the accumulation of blood in your body may accelerate your condition.

3. If you have an IUD placed, continuous removal of the cup may displace or disturb the IUD resulting in reduced reliability. 

4. Women have used online platforms to express their grievances about irritation, chafing and soreness caused by the use of menstrual cups. 

Whether you’re more comfortable with pads, tampons or you’re considering using menstrual cups, make sure you’re making the right decision for your body.  If you’re not sure, book a consult with a GP on the Zoie Health platform for some medical advice. They will likely be able to monitor any changes you may experience while trying this method which will allow them to advise you on whether or not you should continue its use.

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