8 Simple Breastfeeding Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

The decision to breastfeed your newborn is going to be one of the most important decisions you make as a new mom. Experts – including the World Health Organization – recommend that mothers breastfeed their children for at least the first year of their lives. This is because breast milk is a living substance that changes to meet your baby’s nutritional needs. Here are 8 breastfeeding tips to help make it easier.

Take a Breastfeeding Class

Of course, breastfeeding is a natural process that happens once you have a baby, but you should prepare yourself to do it properly since this can take practice and skill. This is why it’s important that new mothers take a breastfeeding class. Psst… Zoie also has lactation group classes available.

Grab A Guide

It’s only natural to feel a little nervous about actually taking charge of the breastfeeding process on your own at home so grab a few good breastfeeding books or guides at your local bookstore. This way, should you have any questions you can easily refer to a guide or a book for reassurance. 

Take A Supplement

Doctors recommend that mothers continue to take their prenatal/postnatal vitamins even after giving birth. You will need the extra vitamins and minerals while breastfeeding to keep strong and healthy for you and your baby.

Get A Nursing Pillow

Invest in a nursing pillow that will support your baby and bring them closer to the breast. This will bring a lot of relief to your arms and your back during and after breastfeeding. 

Keep Them Awake

…While you’re feeding them, that is. Naturally, babies may begin to doze off while feeding but if you want to ensure that they get a good feeding, keep them awake by subtly rubbing them, undressing them or stroking their head. 

Consider A Nursing Bracelet

Keeping track of which side you last used can get a little tricky between everything else you have to do as a new mom. Which is why you should use a nursing bracelet. You can use them to track which side you last used, how long you fed for and at what time. 

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